All vessels which will pass through the Turkish Straits should advise their arrival details (SP1 report) at least 48 hours prior to arrival to the first Turkish Strait at each way.

According to Turkish Straits Reporting System (TUBRAP), arrival details should be reported in below format:


All reports should be sent to agents !!!

A- Vessel's name / flag / call sign

B- Date / time (Reporting date / time)

C- Position (Reporting position)

F- Max maneouvering and see speed

G- Port of departure

H- Date , time and point of entry into traffic separation scheme

I- Port of destination

J- Request pilot yes / no

Strait of Canakkale

Marmara Sea

Strait of Istanbul

O- Forward and aft draught (in meter) Max. Air Draught

P- Cargo (type and quantity of the cargo)

Q- Defect / damage / deficiencies / other limitations

R- Description of dangerous / nuclear and pollution goods

T- Ship's type / size / loa / grt / nrt / dwt / present displacement

X- Any other information