All vessels anchoring to Istanbul Roads at South Entrance should take permission from harbour master for anchoring. ( as from 26th April 2001, anchorage is free of extra pilotage.)

Transit vessels' anchorage area is within boundaries of attached map.


Due to serious pollution control measures at Turkish Waters, attached Warning should be followed strictly.

Crew change 

Supply of bunker / luboil / fresh water

Supply of provisions / stores / secres

Minor repairs

are permitted without increase on dues within 48 hours at anchorage.

All vessels have right to drift and to take supply (excluding bunkers & fresh water) at roads without anchoring.

Vessels staying at anchorage more than 48 hours are obliged to change their status from "Transit" to "FREE PRATIQUE". This change of status causes an increase in transit dues of Light Dues and Sanitary Dues approximately US$.0,50 per NRT.