Gemlik - Gem Port

Gemlik - Gem Port

Gemport Gemlik Port & Warehousing Administration Co Inc, 
Kocacukur Mevkii, Pk 101, Gemlik, Turkey , Gemlik, Turkey

Location : 40° 25' N, 29° 07' E

Gemport is strategically located at the South East Coast of Marmara sea which is at the North West of Turkey and looks over a vast hinterland. The terminal, is the natural gateway to the most wealthiest and most populated areas of North West of Turkey , and it is strategically positioned on motorway networks that supplies the best links to and from the Marmara , Anatolia and North Aegean regions



Gemport Gemlik Port & Warehousing Administration Co Inc.
Bortrans Pier, Hisar Mah. Gemsaz Mevkii 16601 Gemlik, Turkey
Phone: (224) 524 77 20  Fax: (251) 524 88 30

Pilotage is compulsory for berthing and unberthing and anchoring, provided by the GEMPORT Pilot VHF channels 14, 71 or 16.
Towage and/or mooring boat compulsory arranged by pilot and and provided by the GEMPORT.
Storage Area 98.000 sqm. open area, 2.400 sqm. Transit shed, 5.000 TEU Container stock capacity, Container stacking area 150.000 sq.m. total area 450.000 sq.m.
Water Density 1018-1019.
Additional Info

CARGO HANDLING EQUIPMENTS: mobile cranes; 2x40tons, 1x80tons and 2x100tons , containers stackers; 4x45tons, 2x42tons, 1x18tons, 1x7tons, Container spreaders; 4x35tons, 2x18tons, 1x 35 tons capacity RO-RO forklift with full automatic spreader, 13 forklifts between 3-30tons, 6 tractors 40-80tons, excavator, log stacker, scrap, peak iro equipments. Mobile cranes up to 400tons capacity available for hire. One electronic weight bridge of 100 tons capacity. Reefer plugs; 64 pcs x 380 v electric (extendable up to 256) plugs for reefer containers.

CARGO HANDLING RATES: Discharging rates: Bulk Cargo 250tons/hr. General Cargo 100 Ton/Gang/Shift. Iron Product 200 Ton/Gang/Shift, Containers 15 TEU/hr..

RO-RO FACILITIES: The berths suitable for Ro-Ro ramp, due to the height of 2.5m.

Airport At Bursa distance apprx. 36 km and 150km to Istanbul Airport from the port.
Repairs Minor repairs can be effected.
Fresh Water Available via Serpen
Provisions Available via Serpen
Bunker Available via Serpen


No:1105                   12        General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro

No:2140                   12        General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro

No:3 100                 12-25     General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro

No:490                   25-36      General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro

No:5112                  25-36      General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro

No:6100                  9-25       General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro

No:782 9                              General Cargo 

No:8110                  7-20       General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro