Gemlik - Azot Factory Port

Gemlik Azot Factory Port
Lat: 40º 25' N/Long: 29º 05' E
Situated in Marmara Sea.

Authority Private (Gemlik Azot Sanayi)
Phone: (90-224) 524 8500 Fax: (90-224) 524 8514
Harbour Master Phone: (90-224) 513 9882
Turk Radio Phone: (90-212) 598 9526
Pilotage Compulsory (Berthing/Unberthing) Turkish Maritime Organization (TDI)
Phone: (90-224) 513 6164
Towage One tugboat compulsory for vessels more than 2,000 GRT
Two tugboats compulsory for vessels more than 5,000 GRT
Three tugboats compulsory for vessels more than 15,000 GRT
Storage Area Limited open/closed storage areas are which are for terminal owners cargoes
Water Density 1.016
Additional Info Service is provided to vessels 24 hours a day. (Three shifts / 1st shift 08:00 - 16:30 / 2nd shift 16:30 / 00:30 / 3rd shift 00:30 - 08:00). Private Port authorities are using workers hired from outside for cargoes not owned by them.
Airport The nearest airport is in Istanbul (270 km.)
Repairs Minor repairs may be effected
Fresh Water Available via Serpen
Provisions Available via Serpen
Bunker Available via Serpen


  250 m Unrestricted 12 m Liquid Pumps Bulk and Liquid Cargo