Canakkale Port

Canakkale Port
Lat : 40 08 N Long : 25 24 E 
Canakkale Port; Pier is situated on Dardanelles straits at Asian coast close to Canakkale city center.

Authority Canakkale Port Management Inc. 
Phone: (90-286) 263 55 00 Fax: (90-
286) 263 08 08
Pilotage Compulsory. Provided by Turkish Maritime Organization
Towage Optional
Storage Area 41400 m2 custom bonded open storage area
1500 m2 custom bonded closed storage area
Water Density 1.028 - 1.029
Additional Info 41400 m2 custom bonded open storage area
New port of Canakkale region active since Dec 2005 located in Dardanelles Strait. The port is able to handle general cargo, dry bulk, liquid bulk passenger and Ro-Ro ships
Airport The nearest international airport is Istanbul Ataturk Airport with an approx distance of 300km
Repairs Minor repairs can be arranged via agent
Fresh Water Available via Serpen
Provisions Available via Serpen
Bunker Available via Serpen


1 214 m Unrestricted 24 m
2 214 m Unrestricted 24 m